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“A magazine in the form of a room”

About Our society gravitates towards telling a singular story. There are many assumptions about the LGBTQIA+ community. However, different intersections of queer identity inform unique individual experiences. Gradience is a platform where these nuanced stories have the space to be celebrated and consumed. 

Gradience (n):
the absence of a clear-cut boundary between one category and another

The exhibition itself mirrors a magazine transformed into a room. Stories from 15 contributors cover the space entirely - creating a unique environment for these stories to interact with one another. Viewers must enter into the closet through the door of my childhood room, where I initially came out to my family.

10 weeks


Joylyn Yang + Cody Scott


First Steps

We divided the space by mapping out a two-dimensional grid, breaking the grid into clusters, and assigning cells to contributors.

3D rendered room

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