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QuickBooks Online Accountant

Visual Design


My area of work focused on adapting the newly launched visual design system into a secondary system specific to QuickBooks for Accountants, as well as creating a responsive component library.

3 months - Summer 2017
Mountainview, CA


QuickBooks Online Accountant Experience Design Team
(QBOA XD) Led by 

Cathy Tiritoglu

Use Cases for Components

To see how these components perform across several formats, I tested the components by designing webpages, social ads, emails, and banners. This research helped our team establish use cases for the overarching QuickBooks Online Accountant style guide.

Creating a Flexilble Symbol Library

QuickBooks Online Accountant uses info cards to communicate messages to the user. I was assigned to create a comprehensive sketch symbol library for these cards. Symbols provide the flexibility of an override to enter original content, which expedites the design process overall.


I began by gathering all instances of specific headlines, body copy, images, and call to actions to organize override options. Ultimately determining specific breakpoints and character counts for each card.

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