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What Dreams are Made Of

Publication, Dream Index
Most of us know what dreaming feels like, but recounting a dream is very difficult. This publication begs the question: How can we better ‘capture’ our dreams to realize their patterns and learn about ourselves?

3  Months of Data Collection
Encapsulating three months of my dreams. Each recorded dream is paired with a digital collage of its subject matter and a holistic overview of my nightly sleep. 

Materials Used
  • reflective mylar
  • hand bound 
  • vellum
  • tranparencies
  • reflective mylar
  • Metal binding clips

  • 126 pages
  • 8”x10”
  • Metal prong binding

Data collection - 2 months
Design - 7 weeks


Dreams feel like a distorted mirror of reality. To help communicate this idea, I used materials such as reflective mylar, vellum, and transparencies to help communicate this ethereal quality.



Dream reports become more distorted in each section publication progresses - a nod to how memory is fickle, especially with dreaming. 

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